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We transport renewable natural gas made from organic waste

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We're solving the world's biggest energy problems

We're solving the world's
biggest energy problems

World-class energy infrastructure

We’re a team of 7,000+ energy problem solvers working to move, generate and store the energy North America relies on. 今天,威尼斯电玩城手游正在采取行动,使这种能源更可持续、更安全.

Natural Gas Power + Energy Solutions Liquids The Decarbonization Journey

Natural Gas

The natural gas that powers homes, 燃料工业和发电每天通过威尼斯电玩城手游强大的管道网络输送.

93,300 km(58,000 mi)

network of natural gas pipelines

25 per cent


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Power + Energy Solutions

We own or have interest in seven power generation facilities. As renewable electricity demand grows across North America, we are well-positioned to capture these opportunities, given our 20+ years of experience in the power business.

4,300 MW

generating capacity – enough to power more than 4M homes

75 per cent

of our power capacity is emission-less

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威尼斯电玩城手游广泛的石油和液体管道基础设施将阿尔伯塔原油供应连接到美国.S. refining markets in Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas and the U.S. Gulf Coast.

20 per cent


4,900 km(3,000 mi)

network of oil and liquids pipelines

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The Decarbonization Journey

威尼斯电玩城手游正在创新和现代化,以减少威尼斯电玩城手游业务的排放. And, 威尼斯电玩城手游正在提供新的能源解决方案——从天然气和可再生能源到碳捕获和氢——以帮助其他企业和行业脱碳.

30 per cent by 2030



agreements to explore co-developing large-scale hydrogen hubs

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Moving forward together

威尼斯电玩城手游希望为威尼斯电玩城手游服务的北美社区提供的不仅仅是能源. 当威尼斯电玩城手游与一个社区合作时,威尼斯电玩城手游也会努力带来就业、机会和共同繁荣.

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Deep expertise. Limitless potential.


Become an energy problem solver
We are energy problem solvers
We are energy problem solvers
We are energy problem solvers
We are energy problem solvers
We are energy problem solvers
Energy problem solvers


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